1992-1997 Honda Civic, CRX, CVCC and Del Sol Tie Rod

Download This kit is designed to replace the factory tie rod assembly found on 1992-97 Honda Civic, CRX, CVCC and Del Sol. Installation of this kit will allow more accurate alignment adjustment as well as eliminating flex.

1. Raise the front of the vehicle and support it with jack stands.
2. Remove the front wheels and tires.
3. Measure the distance from the end of the rack shaft where the inner tie rod threads into, to the center of the stud on the outer tie rod. Write this dimension down for both sides.
4. Disconnect the outer tie rod end by removing the cotter pin and tie rod nut. Also remove the tie rod boot straps at this time.
5. Remove the outer tie rod from the spindle and the inner tie rod from the rack and pinion.
6. Separate the tie rod and remove the dust boot for re-use later.

1. Install a 1/2″ lockwasher onto one of the 12mm x 35mm bolts followed by a 1/2″ flat washer. Insert this assembly through the hole in the clevis bracket.
2. Mount the clevis bracket to the threaded end of the rack and pinion shaft. Make sure that the ears of the clevis bracket are level in relationship to the engine cross member. Torque the 12mm bolt to 80 ft/lbs or 108 Nm.
3. Mount the 1/2″ right hand thread rod end into the clevis bracket using the supplied 1/2″-20×2″ bolt and 1/2″-20 Thin Locknut. Torque the assembly to 70 ft/lbs.
4. Trim the small end of the rack boot off so that it will slide onto the tube.
5. Slide the factory rack boot onto the tie rod tube.
6. Install the 1/2″ right hand thread jam nut onto the rod end so that 1″ of thread are available to mount the tie rod tube.
7. Drill out the outer tie rod hole in the spindle arm to 1/2″ diameter.
8. Install the 1/2″ left hand threaded jam nut onto the 1/2″ left hand thread rod end so that 1″ of thread is available to thread into the tie rod tube.
9. Thread the tie rod tube onto the inner rod end assembly that is mounted to the rack and pinion shaft. Tighten the jam nut.
10. Thread the 1/2″ left hand rod end into the end of the tie rod assembly so that the jam nut butts against the end of the tube.
11. Mount the end of the tie rod assembly to the top of the spindle using the supplied hardware in this sequence: 1/2″ x 3″ bolt, 1/2″ flat washer, and rod end on tie rod assembly, 1/2″ locknut. Tighten the bolt and nut to 70 ft/lbs.
12. Rotate the tie rod tube to achieve the correct length taken during the disassembly. This distance should be set from the back of the clevis bracket to the center of the rod end that mounts to the spindle. Tighten all jam nuts at this time.
13. Repeat this process for the other side.
14. After alignment is complete, the rack boot can be secured to the rack body and tie rod using nylon zip ties.