2002-2006 Honda CBR600RR Dynojet Ignition Module Installation

1. Remove the main seat and passenger seat.
2. Remove the fuel tank cover and right hand side fairing.
3. Prop the front of the fuel tank up.
4. Lay the PCIII in the tail section and route the harness underneath the frame crossover bracket.
5. Attach the ground wire of the Ignition Module to the negative side of the battery.
6. Route the Ignition Module harness to the right hand side of the fuel tank. Route the harness to the inside of the frame.
7. Remove the toolbox by removing the bolt that holds the fairing bracket.
8. Locate the BLACK 6 pin connector by the cam chain tensioner. Unplug the connector.
9. Plug the connectors from the Ignition Module in-line of the stock connectors.
10. Locate the crank pickup coil connector. This connector is a 2 pin RED connector located to the inside of the frame on the right hand side. Unplug this connector.
11. Plug the 2 pin connectors from the ignition module in-line of the stock wiring harness and crank pickup coil.
12. Move the PCIII from the right hand side of the tail section to the left hand side. Install the ignition module on top of the PCIII. Use the supplied velcro to attach the unit.
13. Plug the white 10 pin connector from the ignition module into the expansion port of the PCIII. If you are using a quickshifter then unplug the quick- shifter from the PCIII and connect to the expansion port of the igntion module harness.
14. Bolt the fuel tank back into place making sure that the wires do not get pinched.
15. Reinstall bodywork.