2003 Honda Element Roof Rack Accessories Installation

1. Remove the two front covers and two rear covers from the roof trim.
2. Clean the rubber seal attachment position with a shop towel moistened with isopropyl alcohol.
3. Remove the adhesive backing from the back of the rubber seal and attach the rubber seal on the inside of the roof trim. *When attaching the rubber seal, align the center of the rubber seal with the hole at the center of the roof rack installation base. *Attach the rubber seal with the ends aligned at the beginning of the curvature.
4. Attach the rubber seals to the remaining three locations in the same manner.
5. Position the front and rear roof rack on the roof in the proper location.
6. If the ends of the right and left roof racks are not aligned, adjust them by loosening the crossbar socket bolts and moving the stays in or out as necessary.
7. Temporarily tighten the 12 socket bolts and 12 washers.
8. Tighten the socket bolts (if loosened in step 6). Torque the socket bolt to 9-10 N·m (6-7 lb·ft)
9. Install the four end covers.
10. Place the covers (removed in step 1) in the glove box for your customer in the event that the roof rack is removed.