2006 Honda Civic Coupe Body Kit Installation

Front Bumper Installation
1. In Figure 5.1 the arrows indicate where the tabs go into the bumper spacer/stay. If there are no cutouts on the bumper do not drill new holes. There should be small indentions where the holes used to be on the OEM bumper. These are deep enough to lock the bumper into place. If these holes are cut out, then removing the bumper will be very difficult.
2. Put the bumper into place and test the fitment. Align the body panels and then tighten the clips, bolts and screws to make sure the bumper properly seats onto the car.

Side Skirt Installation
1. Leave the door open for workspace. Remove the bolts underneath the car where the side skirts are to be attached. Check and match up the correct bolt placements.
2. Mask off the side sills and door jams to protect the paint during the fitment test.
3. Place the side skirt onto the car and use masking tape to hold the skirt up while checking the fitment. Use a black sharpie marker to indicate the spots that may need additional sanding. In most cases if there are any spots that needs sanding down you should be able to see the rough part, which is called the scribe. Try not to go beyond the scribe mark.
4. Check for fitment in the areas pointed out in Fig 5.2. Use an 80 grit sand paper to cut away any excess fiberglass if the side skirt that is preventing the skirt to seat on the car properly. (Do not grind over the scribe mark unless you are a bodyshop professional.)
5. Once the fitment is good, mark the New Mounts which are the predrilled holes on the side skirts. Use a drill bit diameter of 0.15 inch.
6. Use the SEM spinning washer screws on the edges of the skirt. In the middle use the normal screw provided. Mount the two bolts on the bottom.
7. If everything is satisfactory, remove the side skirt and you are ready for paint.