2006 Honda Civic Si TWM Performance Shift Boot Installation

Download Begin the installation of your 2006 Honda Civic Si TWM Performance Shift Boot by parking on a flat surface, as you may have to engage and disengage the hand brake and shift from gears to neutral. If you cannot do so and are obliged to install the shift boot on a slightly inclined surface, place wooden blocks in front or behind the wheels to prevent the car from moving while you’re working.

1. Pull the emergency brake up to prevent the car from moving while you work. Looking down at the shift knob, turn the jam nut beneath the shift knob clockwise using a 14 mm wrench to loosen it.
2. Remove the shift knob by rotating it counter clock-wise and remove the nut from the shifter shaft.
3. Pull up on the shifter bezel to remove it with the stock shift boot attached.
4. Remove the four torx screws on the bottom of the bezel. Pull out the shift boot and the plastic ring attached to the base of the boot.
5. Remove the staples holding the shift boot to the plastic ring. A small flat head screwdriver or needle nose pliers can be used to pry the staples out.
6. Remove the shift boot from the plastic ring.
7. Turn the shift boot inside out. With wire cutters or scissors snip the zip-tie at the top of the shift boot and discard the zip tie.
8. With the white zip-tie removed you will now be able to remove the black plastic retainer ring.
9. Turn the TWM shift boot inside out and insert the plastic retainer removed in the previous step. Insert the plastic retainer with the larger flange first so it protrudes through the top hole in the TWM boot.
10. Pictured at left: The plastic retainer inserted through the inside-out TWM shift boot so the larger flange protrudes through.
11. Use the supplied zip tie to secure the plastic retainer to the boot.
12. Use the wire cutters or scissors to cut off the extra length of zip tie. In order to ensure a smooth surface on the zip tie that will not damage the inside of the shift boot, trim it as pictured to the lower left.
13. Install the TWM shift boot on to the plastic base without removing the backing from the double-sided tape yet. The sewn flaps on either side of the shift boot should line up with the indentations on either side of the plastic base. In addition, the rectangular notches along the bottom of the TWM shift boot should line up with the 4 tabs that extend from the bottom of the plastic base as pictured to the left. If these do not line up, remove the boot and rotate it 180 degrees to line up the grooves and rectangular notches with the tabs.
14. With the shift boot aligned properly, remove the backing from the double-sided tape and secure the shift boot to the plastic base. An X-acto knife may be used to peel up the corner of the backing tape to get it started. Do one edge at a time, ensuring that the boot remains aligned correctly on the plastic base.
15. Re-install the shift boot and plastic base to the shifter bezel with the four Torx screws.
16. Re-install the shifter bezel in the car. It should pop in to place by applying downward pressure.
17. Re-install the 14mm jam nut on to the threaded shifter shaft and thread it all the way down. Re-install the shift knob. Rotate the shift knob counter clockwise until the shift pattern is aligned properly and then tighten the jam nut against it to maintain the shift knob’s position. If you are installing a TWM Shift Knob refer to the install manual that was included with the TWM shift knob.
18. Enjoy your new shift boot.