2008-2011 Honda CRF250X Stabilizer Installation Instructions

Download This kit is made for the Stock Honda and/or Scotts or BRP Triple clamps only. Many after market triple clamps will not work in co-ordination while using our frame bracket due to space limitations. Each bike varies according to the combination of parts (triple clamps and lower perches) being used. The goal is to keep the underside of the triple clamp and related parts from making contact with the frame bracket. The clearances are very close and require the installing mechanic to examine and understand the fitment issues.

Installation Procedures
1. Never remove the crossbar completely from any handlebar that came stock with a crossbar.
2. Using Stock tank: The 2008 250X requires the nose of the plastic tank to be cut off in order to fit with the frame bracket. The IMS tank works without cutting the nose of the tank. The IMS tank offers more capacity and is available from Scotts. The cut on the stock tank is simple and does not compromise anything. It’s best to have the frame bracket mounted before cutting. Once it’s mounted correctly as listed below, then make a cut and fit getting the tank as close to the frame bracket as possible and trying to retain as much of the hole that retains the rubber tank mounting grommet. Review the photos before starting.
3. Remove the seat. Turn the petcock to off and remove the fuel tank. Do not store the tank near any open flames.
4. Remove both 17mm nuts on the underside of the triple clamp that hold the stock lower rubber mounting cones in place.
5. The stock lower rubber cones will not clear our frame bracket and must be replaced with the new lower profile Scotts cones provided in the kit. Tighten the nuts without using any washers, the nuts butt directly against the aluminum top in our rubber cone, use a little grease. Perform this operation now, as you won’t be able to loosen the nuts as easily, once the triple clamp is off.
6. Remove your number plate, odometer cable, upper handlebar clamps and top triple clamp by removing the 32mm nut and upper triple clamp pinch bolts. Lay the clamps and bars over the front of your bike out of the way.
7. Install the Scotts frame bracket by removing the pinch bolt and spreading the bracket gently with a large blade slot-head screwdriver. This bracket is intentionally tight, align it carefully, and then it will slide down perfectly and around your head tube. It must be started straight on tank side first or it will feel as though it doesn’t fit. It is an exact fit, so initial alignment is critical.
8. The initial installation of the frame bracket is very important in order to retain a long life of your stabilizer kit. This frame bracket has several specifically machined angles to match the shape of the Honda head tube. Keep it perpendicular as you initially install.
9. Slide it on and tighten the pinch bolt slightly, tap the bracket with a mallet to insure it is seating completely, all the way down against your head tube. Tap and tighten, tap and tighten and examine that it’s all the way down. This is very important.
10. As you tighten the front pinch bolt, the bracket is pulled forward slightly, seating the important areas and aligning the tank hole. If the tank hole does not line up, try the process again until it does, or in rare cases, file the tank-mounting hole if necessary.
11. Do not tighten the tank bolt before the frame bracket pinch bolt is tight. This puts an unnecessary load on the tank bolt.