2008 Honda Accord Fine Mesh Grille Installation

1. Open the hood and lift up on the centers of the plastic push fasteners to release them. Unclip the side of the cover and remove the radiator cover.
2. Apply several layers of masking tape to the bumper cover surrounding the factory grille to protect the paint finish.
3. Remove the two (2) push pins secruing the small air defelctor on the left side of the grille opening and remove it for clearance (to be reinstalled once the mesh grille is installed.
4. Remove the factory grille from the bumper cover by unclipping the four (4) push fasteners from across the bottom of the factory grille.
5. Slide the grille mounting tabs out of the mounting panel and remove the grille from the bumper cover.
6. Remove the front tag bracket is equipped by removing the factory screws across the top of the front tag bracket and the two 10mm hex bolts. Remove the factory clips from the bumper cover (not reused).
7. Apply masking tape to the lower factory grille opening to protect the paint during the lower grille installation. For all cars: Apply flat or semi-gloss black paint to the return, horizontal & verticle bars and any visible portion of the radiator and allow to dry. These steps will conceal everything behind the mesh grille for a professional installation.
8. Shop Tip: For cars painted colors other than black or dark blue: Tape 1/4″ inside the upper bumper opening and use a scotch brite pad or fine sandpaper to scuff the factory paint and paint the return with flat or semi-gloss black paint. For all cars: Paint any visible portion of the radiator and core support with flat or semigloss black paint and allow to dry.
9. Install the supplied .156″ x 1″ vinyl caps (once the closed ends have been cut off) onto the lower outer mounting studs to conceal them once the lower grille is installed.
10. Align the lower grille into place and install the supplied mounting brackets over the side mounting studs and secure them with an 8-32 ESNA half nut. There is enough access room from the top making it unecessary to remove the bumper cover. The top and bottom mounting studs are secured with a large black plastic washer and an 8-32 ESNA half nut. Do not overtighten.