Honda GL1200 Audio Systems Installation

Download The purpose of this guide is to provide you with the proper installation procedure of your cassette and the mating components for Honda GL1200. Read the guide and owner’smanual from cover to cover, and the music will go round and round wherever you go.

1. Remove the right and left side covers. Disconnect battery negative cab Ie from the battery negative terminal.
2. Remove the left fairing pocket and con­ trolbox cover. Discard the switch and switch cover.
3. Remove the seat and shelter. NOTE: To remove the shelter, it IS necessary to remove the inner cover by lifting its end up by hand.
4. Remove the right and left rear view mirrors. -a Slide the boots off the mirror stays. -b Rotate the mirrors as shown, and remove the two mount bolts from each. To gain access to the mount bolts, it is necessary to invert the boots. NOTE: Do not let the mirrors fall.
5. Remove the windshield garnish. NOTE: Use added care when removing the windshield garnish to avoid distorting it. To remove, push it up along the contour of the windshield by applying equal force on both sides.
6. Remove the head light. -a Screw off the mount bolts and pull the headlight out. Disconnect the wire harness connectors inside the headlight case. -b Rotate the headlight in the arrow direction; disconnect the headlight aiming adjust cable.
7. Remove the windshield. -a Remove the four bolts and remove the windshield and retaining plate. NOTE: Do not let the windshield fall.
8. Remove the instrument visor. Remove the right and left blind grills by pulling them outby hand. -b Remove the four 6×20 mm screws/ washers. NOTE: discard the four clip nuts.
9. Remove the instrument cluster. -a Remove the four nuts from the cluster studs; side the cluster backward. NOTE: Use caution when sliding the cluster back not to force the wire harness from the cluster into the fairing. -b Route the 4-Pwhite coupler (stored in the fairing behind the meters) through the hole, along the meter harness, to the clock mount.
10. Remove and discard the instrument cluster holder. Install the radio mounting bracket in place of the cluster holder. -a Slide the cap onto tab of the radio mounting bracket. -b Remove the instrument cluster holder and install the radio mounting bracket.
11. Reinstall the instrument cluster on the fairing. NOTE: Route the audio harness wires through hole in the fairing and out through the left fairing pocket open­ing. Before installing the instrument cluster, check that all harness wires are routed and pulled out through the fairing opening as shown.
12. Connect the 2 red and white 4-Paudio couplers to the fairing 4-Pcouplerscolor­ to-color.