Honda GL1800 Vertical Receiver Hitch System Trailer Hitch Installation

Download Caution: The Honda GL1800 uses an aluminum frame and subframe (saddlebag stay). All factory bolt hole locations can be easily cross-threaded and/or striped if absolute care is not taken.

1. Place the motorcycle on its centerstand on level ground. Remove the four bolts in the seat handles with a 6mm Allen head socket and remove the seat.
2. Remove both side covers.
3. Remove the (5) five bolts in the rear fender (license plate panel, between saddlebags) with a 5mm Allen head socket.
4. Remove the (3) three bolts in the passenger floorboard holder cover with a 5mm Allen head socket. Remove the cover and repeat for other side.
5. Remove the (2) bolts in the rear saddlebag guard with a 12mm socket. Remove the saddlebag guard and repeat for other side.
6. Remove the bolt in the muffler hanger using a 12mm socket. Repeat for other side.
7. Loosen, but do not remove, the muffler clamps using a 6mm Allen head socket. Rotate the mufflers down slightly to allow the hitch hoop to slide between the mufflers and the saddlebags.
8. Remove the lower front bolt of the saddlebag subframe; located behind the saddlebag guard you removed earlier, using a 12mm socket. Install the supplied 8mm x 35mm bolt using a 13mm socket. Thread the bolt all the way into the frame and tighten this bolt to your service manuals specification. You will attach a nut to this bolt later. Repeat for other side.
9. Loosely assemble the hoop sides and the receiver center section using the supplied 3/8-16 x 1′ bolts and nylock nuts.
10. Slide the hoop in from the rear of the bike, above the mufflers and below the saddlebags.
11. Remove the bolt in the top of the saddlebag subframe using a 12mm socket and wrench.