Honda Pilot FWD/4WD Suspension Installation

1. Open the hood and set at highest setting. Remove the front wheels. Starting on the driver side.
2. Use a flat screwdriver to remove windshield wiper access panel. Remove the three 14mm upper strut nuts.
3. Remove the brake line support bracket using a 12mm wrench.
4. Use a 10mm wrench and remove the ABS line support bracket bolt.
5. Unbolt and remove the front sway bar end link. You will not reuse this part.
6. A 24mm wrench and socket will be needed to remove the lower strut mounting bolts.
7. Carefully remove the strut from the vehicle making sure not to drop it on the outer CV boot. Tilting the knuckle towards the rear of the vehicle will make removal easier.
8. Please note that the ReadyLift strut extensions are driver side and passenger side specific. Arrow points toward front of vehicle.
9. Install the Readylift strut extension using the OEM hardware. Tighten to nuts to 30 lb-ft.
10. Install strut back into factory location, install nuts supplied with kit but leave loose.
11. Insert the knuckle into the lower strut mount. A C-Clamp may be needed to align the mounting holes. Insert the OEM hardware and tighten to 200 lb-ft.
12. Tighten the three upper strut mounting nuts (14mm) 30 lb-ft.
13. Install the supplied sway bar end link. Tighten to 85 lb-ft. Reinstall the brake line support bracket and ABS line support bracket using the OEM hardware.
14. Repeat Steps 1-13 on opposite side. Be sure to double check that all fasteners are to factory torque specifications. Reinstall the front wheels and tighten lug nuts to factory specifications. If vehicle is on a two post lift continue to the next step. If vehicle is on jack stands, lower the vehicle to the ground. Chock the front wheels to prevent a rollout, lift the rear of the vehicle by the frame and support with jack stands. Please consult your owners manual for the proper locations to support your vehicle.