1989-1995 Toyota Pickup Performance Accessories Body Lift Kit 5502M 5503M

1. Park the vehicle on a clean, dry, flat (level) surface. Block the tires so the vehicle cannot roll in either direction. Manual transmissions should be placed in neutral.
2. Remove both battery cables. Be sure to remove the negative cable first, then the positive cable.
3. Remove the four screws that mount the doorjamb kick plates to the floorboard. Remove the plastic nut that mounts each kick panel to the side. Carefully pull the kick panels away from the body. Be careful not to damage any of the mounting tabs. Remove the two plastic tabs that mount the center panel to the console. Remove the cover. Pull the carpeting back to reveal the mounting bolt access hole covers. There is one on each side in the floorboard and behind the seat (on extra cab models the access hole will be at the very back of the cab). Remove the access covers. Pull the carpeting back over both shift levers. Remove both shift knobs. Remove the screws that mount both shift boots to the floorboard. Remove both shift boots.
4. Remove the overflow hose from the radiator spout. Remove the four bolts that mount the radiator to the core support. After the four bolts have been removed, the radiator will still hang on the core support. Lift the radiator up and out of the slots in the core support. Straighten the tabs on the radiator. Allow the radiator to lie on the fan while lifting the vehicle.
5. Remove the four bolts that mount the front bumper to the frame. Disconnect the wires that go to the driving lights on the bumper (if equipped). Remove the two nuts that mount the outside of the bumper to the body (there are holes in the fender well for access). Remove the front bumper from the vehicle.
6. If the vehicle is equipped with an alternator-to-frame ground strap, remove the bolts that mount the ground strap to the frame. Using the stock bolt, mount the ground wire extension to the frame. Mount the ground cable to the extension using a 5/16″ x 1″ bolt, two – 5/16″ washers, and a 5/16″ nylock nut. Tighten securely.
7. Remove the bolt that mounts the battery ground to the frame. Using the stock bolt, mount the ground cable extension to the frame. Tighten securely. Using a 5/16″ x 1″ bolt, two 5/16″ washers, and a 5/ 16″ nylock nut, mount the battery ground cable to the ground cable extension. Tighten securely. DO NOT RECONNECT THE BATTERY CABLE TO THE BATTERY AT THIS TIME.